Ministry says no questions leaked in postgrad exam

    来源: 共享网    发布时间: 2017-12-28

    The Ministry of Education confirmed Tuesday afternoon that there was no leaking of questions for the entrance exam of postgraduate studies.

    The ministry has arranged for experts to check the teaching materials in the video and questions on the math test, and experts believed that they are different, a government worker of the ministry said.

    Some online users published posts Tuesday on Sina Weibo, the Chinese micro blog, saying the questions shown by a teacher at a training course were quite similar to the questions on the math test, with only some figures being changed.

    A test-taker said many other teachers would not focus on such questions because they thought the questions would not be so deep due to the syllabus requirements, but the teacher gave his courses on the questions.

    The questions he taught were very similar to the questions in the test, and some only changed figures. Saying it is a coincidence is inconceivable, the test-taker said.

    According to online videos about three hours long, the teacher, Li Lin, gave a lecture on math questions to students in a classroom with the logo of a training website .

    Lis information could be found at the training website, saying Li was a teacher with years of experience, engaged in teaching and training students for taking the postgraduate exam.

    Website manager Liu said Li was a teacher at Dalian University of Technology, and the teaching materials were provided by Li.

    According to the official website of the university, Li is a teacher at the universitys School of Mathematical Sciences.