Hukou Waterfall transforms into an icy sight

    来源: 共享网    发布时间: 2018-01-03

    As the temperature continues to drop in northern China, Hukou Waterfall along the Yellow River has turned into a beautiful icy sight.

    On sunny days, rainbows can often be seen arching over the waterfall which is located on the Yellow River at the intersection of northern Chinas Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces. The Yellow River plunges over the cliff, creating a spectacular waterfall.

    Local temperatures have dropped to around minus 10 degrees Celsius. And the mist from the churning waterfall has turned into ice columns. Winter is the off-peak season for the Hukou Waterfall scenic spot. There arent a lot of people here, with just 200 visitors coming in every day on average. Its cold and getting there is tough, but the magnificent view can really be worth the trouble. Visitors and photographers are amazed by the beautiful landscape. Hao Bin, head of the marketing department of the Hukou Waterfall scenic spot said: When the temperature plunges to the lowest level in January, more ice will surround and cover the waterfall. The area were now standing at will also be covered in ice. This place will have an even more spectacular sight. Hukou is the worlds largest yellow waterfall and the second largest waterfall in China. Its name literally means the mouth of a teapot in Chinese, just like the shape of the waterfall.